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 As a precursor to the Zero to Three Conference, Bright by Text will host a symposium on technology in early childhood to convene industry leaders and national stakeholders for an evening of inspiring advancements in the field and a discussion of innovative solutions to early education led by Lisa Guernsey co-author of Tap, Click, Read: Growing Readers in a World of Screens and Deputy Director of the Education Policy Program and Director of the Learning Technologies Project at New America, a think tank dedicated to confronting the challenges caused by rapid technological and social change. Lisa leads a team of writers and analysts to tell stories, translate research, examine policies, and generate ideas for new approaches in the Digital Age to help disadvantaged students succeed. Following our keynote, Bill Jaeger from the Colorado Children's Campaign will host a diverse panel of voices offering different perspectives on the early childhood technology industry. Guests will enjoy Colorado craft cuisine, an early childhood technology presentation, and fabulous local jazz to cap the night off.

Symposium Panel

Bill Jaeger, Moderator ~ Vice President of Early Childhood & Policy Initiatives at the Colorado Children's Campaign 

Patti Miller, Panelist ~ CEO of the Too Small to Fail for the Clinton Foundation

Luis Duarte, Panelist ~ President at ZOMA Foundation 

Dr. Katie Richardson, Panelist ~ Pediatrician and Heathcare Innovation Leader at Colorado Permanente

 Nim Patel, Panelist ~ Chief Technology Officer at Bright by Text and Co-founder of EngageMyHealth and Hipaalo