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We rely on community support to serve tens of thousands of families each year. $25 provides a family with a visit and parenting kit.

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Bright by Text sends free learning games, parenting tips and resources right to the cell phones of parents and caregivers of children from prenatal to 8 years old.

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A child's brain develops more rapidly in the earliest years than at any other point in their life. It's important to get it right! Since kids don’t come with operating instructions, all parents can use a little back-up to make the most of this critical time.

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Colorado Program

We welcome clinics, hospitals, child care centers, schools, libraries and other community-based organizations to work with us to distribute our visitation kits and Bright by Text to more Colorado families. 

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In Colorado in 2018

19,849 toolkits distributed to parents and caregivers

12,178 people subscribed to Bright by Text 

577 partners joined with us to reach families