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Do the Math!

Math learning begins at a very early age.

Bright by Three - August 1, 2019

Math learning begins at a very early age. While making sure kids read is super important, you should also practice everyday math with your child. As your child’s first math teacher, you will foster these early skills.

Check out this video about how to incorporate math into your daily routine

Set aside time specifically to practice math. Five minutes a day is helpful to build math confidence. If you write down an activity, you are more likely to do it! Here’s how:
  • Write down how many minutes you will spend doing math activities each week. Put this goal in a place where you and your child will see it often to remind you.
  • Set an alarm to remind you that it’s “math time” every day.
  • Tell a good friend or family member about your goal to make your goal public.
Math is all around you! It’s easy to come up with daily activities and games to play with your child that are fun. Try these activities:
  • In the kitchen, use pots and pans to talk about ‘bigger’ and ‘smaller’ and ‘more’ or ‘less’, this is math talk.
  • In the grocery store, use prices to talk about numbers.
  • Use clocks to talk about time.
  • Look for patterns on your walks to the park or to school.
  • Make math a part of your child’s play time. Count toys as you take them out or put them away.
  • Go on an adventure around your home and count all the chairs you may have.
  • Ask your child to count every window anytime you walk into a new building.
It is okay for children to make mistakes during math time, praise effort! Remember:
  • Learning math will take practice and effort.
  • The more you practice math at home, the stronger your child’s math skills become. 
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