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Raising Readers

We all know reading is important, and summer is a great time to fine tune that still!

Bright by Three - July 1, 2019

We all know reading is important, and summer is a great time to fine tune that still! Whether your child is checking off books for a summer reading program or just learning how to sound out words, we’ve got great tips to help them along the way. Try these activities with your child to help foster a love of reading!

Reading is everywhere! Here are some more ideas to read beyond the book: 
  • Look for words around the house like on appliances or food labels.
  • Look for words outside on billboards and signs, like stop signs.
  • Point out words inside stores.
  • While on the go, make it a game to spot every letter in the alphabet.

Kids love to make up stories, even your youngest. Let your child tell you a story based on pictures if they can’t read yet!
  • Encourage your child to look at the pictures and talk about what they see.
  • Ask questions like: “What’s this? What’s he doing? What is a different word for this? Do you have a shirt like that?

Make a game of labeling objects in your home to help your child learn to read and spell. Steps for this activity:
  • Walk around the house and choose items to label.
  • Items can be a chair, door, rug, and other items that can be easy to spell and read.
  • All you need is paper, a marker and some tape or sticky notes
  • While spelling the item, let the child sound out letters in the word. 
  • Mix up the game by putting the wrong labels on your items and ask your child to put them in the right place! 
  • Try timing your child to challenge them!

Look for a Book Nook! Have your child find the best spot for reading. Here are ways to do it:
  • Walk around the house and find a quiet and cozy area or create one.
  • Avoid areas of the house with TV’s, other people or noisy distractions.
  • Bring all of your child’s reading materials to that spot.
  • Even make a sign to claim the space “Julia’s reading corner.”

Libraries are like playgrounds for developing brains! Here are some examples of free events you can find at your local library:
  • Story time at the library introduces children to new books.
  • Local authors visit to share their books.
  • Puppet shows and other fun activities help kids build imagination.

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