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Partners can submit local messages about events or resources for families to send out through Bright by Text. 

Interested in partnering?  Contact Tara Stingley at

Current Partners

Ordering Materials

To order marketing materials, Games to Grow Tip Cards and more from Bright by Three, visit our ordering site

Parent Handbook Part A

The Parent Handbook has everything a parent or caregiver needs to make the most of early childhood interactions and learn about their child's healthy growth and development.

Games to Grow Tip Cards

Interested in conducting home visits with our Games to Grow Tip Cards? Watch this instructional video on how to use Games to Grow with parents and caregivers.

Bright by Three Kit Notification 

We will continue to send legacy kits for as long as we have inventory. Originally, we projected inventory through the end of December 2019 based on the previous years’ order volumes. However, there has been a surge in ordering and certain inventory pieces are running low or depleted.  We will not be replacing legacy materials that run out. Once an item is fully depleted, we will build legacy kits with the remaining materials until everything has been distributed.

Please expect that kit contents may vary as a result, however, all kits will include the new Games to Grow Tip Cards throughout this year and going forward. Additionally, there will be information about Bright by Text and instructions for signing parents and caregivers up for the service. Please contact Rebecca Levy, if you have any questions.

Thank you for your valued partnership.

Bright by Text Digital Promotional Materials

Here are some general social media posts and newsletter content you can use to connect with families about Bright by Text.

We also have Bright by Text content written specifically for the topics listed below. 

Click the links below to download and view the materials. For questions or help downloading please contact Alex Hellrung at

Bright by Text Partner Webinar:

Connect with us and learn how to get the most from sending a local message through Bright by Text. Contact Tara Stingley at