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Bright by Three Mission and Vision

What we do

Bright by Three equips families with tools to promote their child's healthy development through the most pivotal stages of growth during the earliest years of life. We partner with pediatricians, researchers and other child development experts to design program materials in English and Spanish. 

Our program is proven to increase parent confidence and improve child outcomes. See the research here. 

How we do it

Bright by Three works with partners to deliver quality resources to families in a variety of formats. Families can sign up to receive parenting tips, games and information sent right to their cell phones 2-5 times a week with Bright by Text. Families can also receive visits from local partners and get our “Games to Grow” tip cards. Coming soon, parents and caregivers will be able to access our new and improved parent handbooks online.


Why we do it

There is so much information out there about early childhood development that sifting through it to find what's most relevant and research-based can be challenging. The earliest years are the most critical, and we want to help. That's why we give caregivers tools to cultivate the growth of their child during these stages.

Children rely on interactive experiences and strong relationships with their parents and caregivers to develop, so we take a two-generation approach to have the most impact on the families we serve.

How we started

In 1995 former Procter & Gamble Chairman Brad Butler and Colorado Governor Roy Romer founded Bright Beginnings to make Colorado the best place to raise a child.​ They engaged child development experts to design core program materials that were rooted in evidence and demonstrated impact. Today Bright by Three remains committed to improving early childhood development, leading to improved school readiness and family resiliency. 

In 2012 Bright by Three searched for a way to serve and interact with parents and caregivers not being reached by the organization’s visitation program, and developed Bright by Text. Bright by Three decided on text as its new medium because of the interruptive nature and high level of engagement without requiring a smartphone or costly data plan.
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