Your Children

Learning isn’t confined to the classroom.

The research is irrefutable. Studies show that the habits kids adopt early in life are more likely to determine how they learn and develop for years to come. And for as much attention as community leaders have placed on preschool, real learning starts even sooner. Newborns, infants and toddlers have as much of an opportunity as preschoolers to establish good learning habits.

Educational research has determined:

  • Experiences in infancy establish habits of seeking, noticing, and incorporating new and more complex experiences
  • Infancy is a critical period because cortical development is influenced by the amount of central nervous system activity stimulated by experience.
  • Behaviorally, infancy is a unique time of helplessness when nearly all of a child’s experiences are dependent on adults. [1]
  • And most interestingly, school does little to close the learning gaps established at infancy. Even though our children go to very different schools, depending on their family backgrounds, their test scores are remarkably parallel. [2]

Colorado Bright Beginnings can help bridge this gap for children of all backgrounds and classes. By providing tools to help parents interact with their children from birth, we give them a leg up from the beginning. Because there is no time like the present to start learning.

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[2]  Schools, Skills and Synapses James J. Heckman, page 298