What We Do

Behind every great accomplishment is a great start.

That’s where we come in.

Colorado Bright Beginnings helps parents of all backgrounds and communities wade through the confusion of early childhood education. We give them the tools they need to set their children on a track for success in school, at home, and for their whole lives.

The method to our model.

With a solid start and good educational foundation, studies show without a doubt that kids of all backgrounds achieve more if they’re given a set of tools early. Colorado Bright Beginnings’ programming takes the guesswork out of what these tools should be and when they’re administered. Our programs are tailored for your child’s development phases:

Program A:
This set of educational tools is built for pregnant couples and new parents through the first year of their child’s life.

Program B:
Parents of children from ages 1–2 will learn more about how to take care of their infant.

Program C:
These tools are built for parents of children ages 2–3.