What does Bright Beginnings do?

Colorado Bright Beginnings provides researched based books, games and guides to parents and caregivers with an infant or toddler through in home or group visits.

Are in home visits and group visits offered in Spanish?

Yes, we offer our programs in both English and Spanish. Please contact individual Affiliates for other language requests.

How is Bright Beginnings funded?

We are a 501c2 nonprofit organization that is funded through corporate donations, grants and individual donations.

How can I volunteer?

We couldn’t do the important work we do without volunteers. We serve over 18,000 families every year, and we need your help. Click here to learn more about volunteering.

How do I schedule a visit?

Sign up here for a visit or call 303-321-1214.

What if I have questions about my infant and toddler in between program visits?

We provide a resource guide full of information to get you through your child’s first three years of life and you can contact our office to be connected with an early childhood resource. Email us or call 303-433-6200.

Is Bright Beginnings statewide in Colorado?

Colorado Bright Beginnings is a universal statewide program. Visit our locations map to learn more.

What does a visit cost?

Although our materials cost us over $65 per visit, we offer all three programs at NO COST!

How can I donate?

Donate online or mail your donation to: 730 Colorado Blvd, Suite 202, Denver, CO 80206.