June Minutes

June 21, 2012 (11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.)

 Meeting Minutes

 The meeting was called to order by Bernie Buescher at 11:40 a.m.

Bernie began by welcoming Bea Romer saying how wonderful it is to have her back with CBB.

A motion was made by Patrick Pugh to approve the April 19, 2012 meeting minutes; it was seconded by Steve Berman and carried unanimously.

Beverly Eagle gave the Finance Committee update saying that the dashboard and YTD financials were sent via email.   She then provided an updated financial sheet which detailed actual revenue in the bank or promises to give.  Included in the report were foundations and individual donors to provide a more up-to-date picture of the financials. She noted that Daniels had informed the organization to request a grant of $200,000 to support the new COO position and new strategic initiatives. The original budget projection for Daniels is $100,000.

A motion was made by Liz Kincannon to approve the Treasurer’s report; it was seconded by Chalyse Robinson and carried unanimously.

Steve Berman gave an update on a recent study of kids who received the Bright Beginnings visit vs. those in a control group who received injury prevention.  He is still determining the extent to which the two groups are comparable, however initial findings show:

Category Injury Prevention CBB
Kids below grade level 40.7% 27.8%
Requiring special help 41% 35%
Attention problems 34% 27.8%
Requiring interventions other than speech 12% 3%

 Jean McSpadden gave a recap of the strategic planning session that took place with George Sparks in May.  The strategic plan calls for the organization to increase continuity of visits between programs and to reach 25,000 visits by 2015. Patrick Pugh added additional strategies that were discussed at the planning session: to evaluate impact and determine what can change to increase our impact and intensity e.g. repeat visits, more frequent contact.

Jean stressed that there is funding and research to substantiate that impact for child increases by # of touch points.  Jean would like the organization to identify pilot sites where we can try some more intense outreach. She would like the organization to work with the University to apply for funding to determine the best implementation. Ideas include: more visits, text messaging, text alone, locally vs. nationally, utilizing social media etc.  Patrick Pugh commented that the organization may have to focus on a specific platform until we have the ability to purchase software or server to reach variety of platforms.

Jean presented the new Organizational Chart with a Chief Operating Officer position to be hired fall 2012.  She anticipates that she will retool Alexandria’s job description with more of a focus on volunteer management.  A Director of Volunteers will be hired in 2013.

Bernie Buescher called for a vote on added expenditures of program bags and salary difference for 2012 of $25,000 for 2012. Bernie stated that he is in favor of proposed changes. A motion was made by Chalyse Robinson to approve the budget additions.  Liz Kincannon seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.  Jean added that Shepard Nevel voted by proxy in favor of the changes.

Lt. Governor Joe Garcia joined the meeting and discussed The Early Childhood Literacy Initiative to support children in learning to read.  His office is committed to joining efforts with community-based initiatives, policy makers, community members and parents, families and caregivers to increase third grade literacy rates among all children.  He applauded the work of Colorado Bright Beginnings and looks forward to working together on behalf of the children of the state.

The meeting was adjourned by Bernie Buescher at 1:35 p.m.

Attendees at CBB Board Meeting on 2/16/2012:

 Board Members (In alphabetical order):

Nancy Accetta
Steve Berman
Bernie Buescher
Beverly Eagle
Liz Kincannon
Patrick Pugh
Chalyse Robinson
Bea Romer

CBB Staff Members:

Jean McSpadden
Amy Farnan