3/13 Affiliate Minutes

Affiliate Teleconference- 03/28/13 9:00 AM

 In attendance:

· Lisa Schulz (Colorado Springs)
· Ruth Seedorf (Yuma)
· Becky Aamot (Boulder)
· Christina McKasy (Greeley)
· Judy Duarte (Alamosa)
· Melode Mariner (Grand Junction)
· Jean McSpadden (BB)
· Christopher Price (BB)
· Rachel Van Schooneveld (BB)
· Jodie Deshmukh (BB)


 Affiliate Updates

 Lisa Schulz (Colorado Springs)

  • St. Francis Medical Center Partnership is going well.  They are delivering approximately 60 bags every 2 weeks.  Lisa has just received their YCC forms for the month of February.

    • They have put on their St. Francis YCC Form the question, “would you like to receive a follow up?” and many of the parents have responded…yes.  This has been very successful in that it has generated many follow-up visits.

    • Lisa will send out to the Affiliates a copy of the questions they ask during these follow up calls.

    • They are counting the follow-up as a visit and selecting “none” as the program item so it does not count the program twice in Civicore.

  Ruth Seedorf (Yuma)

  • Will be getting the Nurse Family Partnership. Requested that Christopher add the East Central Colorado Nurse Family Partnership as one of the agencies on the partnership page of the website.

    • Will have open positions for bachelor level nurse visitors in the upcoming months.

      • Bright Beginnings is willing to post the job opening for Ruth on the BBUSA Website.

    Christina McKasy (Greely)

    • Created a Partnership with First Steps.  They work with at-risk pregnant women and assist them through the first two months after childbirth.  They will be doing about 5 visits per week.

    • Have been doing B and C group visits at MOPS group presentations.

     Becky Aamot (Boulder)

    • In the last two weeks they have completed library visits during baby and toddler storytime at the Lafayette Library and the Boulder Main Library.

    • Through the organization PASO (Providers Advancing School Outcomes), Rosie trained 20-30 Spanish-speaking caretakers who are training to do home daycare the Bright Beginnings program.

    • Working on strengthening the connection with Salud in Longmont.

     Melode Mariner (Grand Junction)

    • Moving forward with relationship with Strive (formerly Mesa Developmental Services).  They appear to have bought into the Bright Beginnings concept and could potentially double the region’s visits just by promoting BB internally.

    Judy Duarte (Alamosa)

    • Trained 9 staff members of Save the Children- Early Steps to School Success in San Luis Valley.  They have a caseload of 200 and are continually passing out Bright Beginnings bags.

    • Trained 3 staff members of La Genta who also see a large number of children.

    • Numbers are going up.

     Open Discussion

    • The platform of Civicore was set up very inflexible.

    • The visits are associated with children and not caregivers so Civicore is undercounting for those caregivers that see many children such as daycare employees.

    • Survey calls are only age appropriate for program B, however, CiviCore only allows for only one survey which is being used with all 3 programs.  We technically should have 6 separate surveys.

    • Christopher is working with Bonnie Camp to figure out what questions are most important to ask for programs A, B, and C.

    • Bright Beginnings is working on having an input system that is easier and more relevant within the next 6 months.

    • Some regions would like there to be a way to see what needs to be done on a survey call.  For example, indicate if the survey call is for program A, B, or C.

      • Would like the system to be able to document what contact has been done already especially when there is more than one volunteer that may make a touch with a family.

    • Part of the Walton Foundation Grant is to find the most effective way to contact families.

    • Several regions are having problems with the CiviCore system putting someone on the survey call list that they had just visited within the last month.

    • We, as an organization, need to ask ourselves: How do we evaluate ourselves?  What does success look like?

    • The key evaluation piece for BB programs going forward will be the TS Gold Program at age 4 and 5.  It is the first standardized measure that every public school student in the state will participate in and will be the stick that our program is measured against.

    • There is not a consensus in the Early Childhood Education community on what the term “school readiness” means.

    • We should discuss on the forum if we are trying to be useful to parents or are we to drive other specific outcomes.

     Affiliate Roundup!

    • Thursday, April 11 from 10:30am to 1:30 pm mark your calendars for the first Affiliate get-together of 2013.  This meeting will be held at the Bright Beginnings office at 730 Colorado Blvd Suite 202, Denver, CO 80206.  A few board members will be present for opening remarks.

      • Affiliates who are attending the Roundup will be asked to partner or buddy with an affiliate who is not able to be present.  This buddy/partner will provide meeting information to their buddy.

      • Bring any extra materials that you may have that can be put back into inventory for redistribution.

      • It would be helpful if everyone comes to April’s meeting prepared to share what way to quantify the outcomes of the A, B, and C programs.

      • Please come to the meeting prepared to share supplemental material distributed in your region.  Expect discussion topics on this to be introduced on the forum.