9/12 Affiliate Minutes

Affiliate Teleconference- 9/20/12  9:00AM

In attendance:

  • Jean McSpadden (CBB)
  • Christopher Price (CBB)
  • Rachel Van Schooneveld (CBB)
  • Melissa Theesen (CBB)
  • Jennifer Salvador (Fort Collins)
  • Becky Aamot (Boulder)
  • Ida Rhodes (Pueblo)
  • Lisa Schultz (Colorado Springs)
  • Corrine Merrit (Glenwood Springs)
  • Sharon Butler & Tami (Steamboat Springs)
  • Caroline Gelatt (Greeley)


  1. Introduction to Rachel Van Schooneveld, CBB’s new Operations Manager
  2. Quick  look at the agenda
  3. Christopher (COO)
  • Went over the affiliates he has had the oppportunity of touching base with
  • Updating Website
    • Will be sending invite/password to site dedicated to just affiliates
    • Blog and forum specific to Affilites
    • Ability to order materials online
    • Affiliate photos and stories
    • This is a work in progress and we welcome suggestions

4.    Rachel (Operations Manager)

  • Board books are 4-6 weeks out from arriving into the states.
  • Very soon we will be having our printer, Frederic Printing, kit our program bags and deliver them to the affiliates.
    • Affiliates will no longer need to assemble the program bags themselves.
    • Rachel will be in contact with each affilite to see what their specific needs are…what items are added in addition to the basic kit and would we want Frederic Printing to add those special items or not.
    • Minimum order is 10 bags, anything greater needs to be in a multiple 10.
    • Spanish bags will be Shrinkwrapped with a indication that it is Spanish.  English will not be shrinkwrapped.
    • By next meeting we hope to have an online ordering system which sends the order directly to Frederic and CBB for approval and inventory tracking.

5.     Melissa (Volunteer Manager)

  • In process of revising volunteer manual with the desire of making it more clear and concise.
  • Also revising power point
    • Should be ready in next few weeks
    • Should cut down on training time
  • Working on putting together training videos
    • Have already filmed B and C home visits
    • Volunteers will be able to watch online or at group training
  • Webinar for database training
  • Today we are having a focus group on Volunteer Engagement
    • Lisa Schultz will be joining
    • will be talking about how to design the volunteer program to be more engaging for the volunteers.
    • want to create a cutting edge program
    • pulled material from Jill Friedman Fixler who is a nationally known leader recognized for her innovative approaches to re-inventing, re-engineering, and re-vitalizing nonprofit and public sector organizations.
    • It is felt that increasing mentoring traing might be more benficial than blasting volunteers with a lot of information up front.
  • There was discussion regarding Quality Standards- it is important to be consistent state-wide, however, IF there are to be any changes it would require futher discussion with everyone.

6.     Jean (Executive Director)

  • Please mark your calendars that the Goodnight Moon Gala is November 15.
    • We will be havig Affiliate Tables
    • Want to recognize affiliates at the event
  • In regards to Colorado Health Foundation- CBB is offering to make the post visit surveys to help free up time for the affiliates.
    • The personal contact is still important from the affiliates
    • We will be able to conduct the surveys in Spanish
    • All calls should be done by mid October unless we hear otherwise (we are checking into this)