10/12 Affiliate Minutes

Affiliate Teleconference- 10/18/12  9:00AM

In attendance:

  • Jean McSpadden (BB)
  • Christopher Price (BB)
  • Rachel Van Schooneveld (BB)
  • Melissa Theesen (BB)
  • Jennifer Salvador (Fort Collins)
  • Becky Aamot (Boulder)
  • Ida Rhodes & Nina (Pueblo)
  • Lisa Schultz (Colorado Springs)
  • Corrine Merrit (Glenwood Springs)
  • Sharon Butler (Steamboat Springs)
  • Caroline Gelatt (Greeley)
  • Kerri Bowen (Dillon)
  • Clara Jones & Christina McKasy (Greeley)
  • Ruth Seedorf (Yuma)
  • Melode Mariner (Grand Junction)
  • Bernice Lozano (Durango)


1.   Christopher- Looking for feedback on the updates Melissa has made to the volunteer handbook. Please contact Melissa if you have specific needs.

  • Comments:
    • Perhaps we should tweak standards first before volunteer manual.  Quality standards need to be represented.
    • Question of co-branding or brand congruence.
  • Please reply on the forum with comments.  Manual is posted on the forum along with Visitor Training Kit Looking for feedback on Affiliate forum.
  • You can get daily digest or a weekly digest…to set this up:
    • Go to affiliates forum… underneath the Affiliates logo you will see “Your email status is ________ (change)”.
    • Click on (change) link to adjust you notification setting
    • Christopher will be working on making it easier to read once you click on (change).

2.   Has anyone taken a look at the program C video with Nancy? Is this video a benefit?

  • Comments:
    • There is a value to this kind of media and it is a good start.  If it is to be used for training it might need to be segmented out into parts along with a manual.
    • Would like it also as a promotional video/trailer (shorter version)…perhaps to be used at hospitals or clinics.
    • Having difficulty with the audio on the” who we are” video.
    • Buffering issues with the Nancy video and difficult to hear.
    • Several affiliates indicated that it would be useful for training, however, would like more information on the materials…perhaps have it be more sequential and complete to be useful for training.
  • Christopher will post different versions in different sizes to find out the optimal fidelity of the videos so we know which direction to take going forward.

3.   Gala/Post Gala Meeting

  • Fundraising Gala-  Thursday, November 15- Goodnight moon Gala, Thursday, November 15, Grand Hyatt Denver,  1750 Welton Street, Denver, CO 5:30-8:30pm
  • Meeting-Friday, November 16th, from 10-12:30 the meeting will be at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in the Harry T. Lewis Room (3rd floor in the West Atrium).  When you arrive at the Museum, enter the glass door marked Staff and Volunteer entrance located just to the left of the Members entrance.  This will take you to the Security desk.  Check in there and they will direct you to the Harry T. Lewis Room.
  • Comments:
    • Would love as many of the Affiliates at the Gala and post-meeting as possible.
    • Does anyone need overnight accommodations?
    • Looking to put it in the budget for 2013 to facilitate Affiliates making it to the Gala
    • Each affiliate region has two comped seats at the gala.
    • Will be good to see everyone face to face.
    • Meeting needs to be focused…
    • Questions as to some of the changes such as the name and website changes.
    • What is the strategic plan and goals of Bright Beginnings?
    • Would like board members there.

4.   We are looking to take away administrative burdens from the affiliates so that affiliates can concentrate on program delivery.  In addition, we are looking for ways to increase support, communication, and funding to each region.


5.   Nina requested survey visit data for the last three quarters.

  • Christopher will get something posted on the forum


6.   Rachel- Status of Program delivery to Affiliates

  • Since every affiliate has different information that they add to the “core Bright Beginnings” program, Frederic Printing will Kit the core program (without the board books) for each of the affiliates.
  • Programs must be ordered in a multiple of 10 with the minimum order being 10.
  • The Spanish programs will be shrink-wrapped with a sheet that says “Spanish” on it to differentiate it from the English.
  • This is NOT a quarterly order…you can order at any time.
  • We need to get everyone’s miscellaneous orders in to complete the programs that you have now that might be missing pieces.
  • Please use the current form until we have the online link which will allow you to order online.