11/12 Affiliate Minutes

Affiliate Conference at Harry T. Lewis Room @ Denver Museum of Nature and Science -10:30 AM

In attendance:

–     Jean McSpadden (BB)                                 –  George Sparks (Board Mbr Emeritus)
–     Christopher Price (BB)                               –  Shepard Nevel (Board Member)
–     Rachel Van Schooneveld (BB)                 –  Bea Romer (Board Member)
–     Melissa Theesen (BB)                                  –  Nancy Accetta (Board Member)
–     Jennifer Salvador (Fort Collins)              –  Liz Kincannon (Board Member)
–     Becky Aamot (Boulder)                               –  Greg Geissler (Board Member)
–     Ida Rhodes & Nina (Pueblo)                      –  Eric Anderson (Board Member)
–     Lisa Schultz (Colorado Springs)
–     Caroline Gelatt (Greeley)
–     Christina McKasy (Greeley)
–     Clara Jones (Greeley)
–     Kerri Bowen (Dillon)
–     Clara Jones
–     Ruth Seedorf (Yuma)
–     Judy Duarte (Alamosa)

1.       Introductions

2.       Strategic Plan (2011-2015)

  • Core Components
    • Shift from reactive to proactive planning implementation
      • Proactively look for ways to get our program out rather than waiting for families to call for a visit
    • Staff, board, partner and volunteer alignment
    • Organizational stability and mission-focus
  • Focus
    • Increase number of visits and continuity
      • Discussion as to what is considered a visit
        • Is a 2nd visit considered a new “count”
        • Delivery of a bag is not considered a count, a bag plus visit is. The importance of the program comes from the relationship and training of the materials
        • We are working to update Civicore to allow us to track the variations of what is considered a visit. Civicore has limited flexibility, reviewing an upgrade, but until that happens, document everything
        • If a person receives the information but does not have a child yet, how do we tie the visit to a child that is not theirs in regards to reporting?
      • Look into increasing awareness of Bright Beginnings
    • Continually improve the efficiency and sustainability of the delivery network
    • Evaluate programs and delivery for evidence-based results


  • Communication
    • Establish “one voice” value proposition
    • Exploit emerging technologies to share and coordinate message
    • Uncover new markets and increase brand visibility

 3.  Affiliate concerns

  • Open lines of communication with trust and move forward in the same direction
  • Affiliates used to be part of the decision making process and want to continue to be involved
  • Felt the loss of team members at the state office which left a lot of questions
  • Affiliates want to be embraced as a team
  • Would like to know ahead of time when changes are coming
  • What is happening with funding?
    • New CHF funding is a two year grant. $150k is designated each year as pass through to Affiliates. The state office will forego funding to metro Denver to allow for maximum funding to Affiliates. Grants will be distributed in early February

 4.  Some regions would like help with the survey calls

  • Help with making the calls as well as receiving the data
  • There is a three month lag in calls
  • State office is willing to take over this task to help save affiliates time
  • Are we asking the right questions on the surveys?

 5.  Shepard highlighted areas that he heard from affiliates that were concerns

  • 1) data frustrations  2) funding questions  3) communication issues,  and 4) role of affiliates in decision-making
  • Increase the frequency of in-person discussions that occur on a quarterly basis – there is value in the face to face communication
  • Affiliates will partner, if there is an affiliate that cannot make it to the quarterly face-to-face meeting, their affiliate “partner” will assist in passing along information
  • Reinstitute regional updates during conference calls and meetings. “What’s going on in your region?”

6.  Introduce Bea Romer as Bright Beginnings’ First Affiliate Ambassador

  • Mrs. Romer will serve as the liaison between the affiliates and the board of directors in order to facilitate a respectful, productive relationship. All communications among the board and the affiliates should now flow through Bea
  • Day-to-day discussions about routine operational matters will still flow through the state office
  • Mrs. Romer will contact each affiliate contact periodically to share Board communications and discuss high-level concerns one-on-one

 7.  Volunteer Handbook

  • Want Feedback!!
  • Looking for first section to be universal across all the regions with the following sections being customizable to the variations that occur throughout the regions
  • Volunteer task force was created to re-think volunteerism to increase volunteer engagement and create a partnership with volunteers
  • Plans are to create an online training to supplement the in person training

8.  The state office is absorbing the cost of the board books

  • The state office wants to be able to provide a complete program without having the affiliates buy individual pieces
  • The board books will be shipped to Frederic Printing and be sent as part of the completed program kits
  • Starting now you can place an order which includes board books
  • Please let Rachel know if you have already made a payment for this year’s shipment

 9.  Mozart CD

  • Since there has not been a truly substantiated “Mozart Effect”, we are working on a replacement of the current CD with similar (if not the same) musical pieces without the advertisement of the Mozart Effect