3/12 Affiliate Minutes

March 15th (9:00 – 10:00 am)

 YEAH!!!!!!!  Thank you for all of your hard work!!!!


CBB Updates

Final Visit Numbers for 2011

PA – 9,897 (goal was 11,401 – 87%)

PB – 4,110 (goal was 3,910 – 105%)

PC – 3,558 (goal was 2,980 – 119%)

Total – 17,565 (goal was 18,291 – 96%)

 Jean said the golf tournament will be June 4th at the Valley Country Club and we’d love to have affiliates join us to participate or volunteer.  If you know of anyone who would like to golf or buy a sponsorship please let Jean know. (Marcia Sandoval is no longer the Development Director at CBB as of 3/9/12).

 Bobbi Kline announced that she’ll be resigning her position the third week of April. L She’s going back to school in June to get her Masters in counseling; everyone wished Bobbi well and Jean/Marion thanked her for her 11 years of dedication to children in Colorado.

 YCC Database/CHF Survey Check In

Marion said the #1 “complaint” she’s hearing from affiliates is that they’re not reaching families and/or families aren’t calling back.  She said the call center for the CEPA evaluation made 2,074 call attempts; of those they had 548 bad #’s and then only reached 402 of the remaining 1,526 families (a 26.3% success rate).  So, it’s expected that 75% of families won’t be reached.

Bobbi said they’re having a problem with the number of calls they have to make and completing them.  Marion agreed and said Metro Denver has almost 600 calls to make this month!  She said do your best making two call attempts but we can only do so much with limited staff time.

Marion asked if the survey felt too long and if there are questions that should be deleted, changed or added.  Jennifer said the section with the rating scale about how often do you point to pictures and the exercise questions seem kind of redundant.  A few people said the questions asking if CBB had encouraged the parent to do activities also felt awkward.  Amy in Grand Junction agreed and said many parents say they would’ve done it without the CBB visit – so it’s hard to know what to put for an answer when they say that. Marion said CBB staff will be looking at the questions and talking to Colorado Health Foundation to discuss possibly changing or deleting some of them.

Discussion – CBB “Referral Brochure” (Led by Christina Alexiades)

Christina said the discussion around changing the referral brochure started at the affiliate conference in September.  At the conference some regions said the brochure is good and works for them but about 2/3 of affiliates were indifferent or said they weren’t getting referrals from the brochure. Christina said CBB has been trying to target too many audiences with the brochure and it isn’t working.  The plan for April is to create a referral postcard (4×6) for third party referrals that will entice families to take the next step and schedule a visit.  Eventually when there’s more money in the CBB budget, Christina would like to also have a brochure with more information on the program materials and the organization itself.

The postcards will still fit in the plastic holders, will still be used to gather information from families and will hopefully be visually appealing to entice families to get more info from the CBB website or Facebook.  Christina said from her understanding the information that is still needed on the card is:

Name, Phone#, Email address, How did you hear about us? Signature line for ok to contact

Christina said since phone numbers change so frequently we need to shift from collecting home phone #’s to collecting email addresses and cell phone numbers and move more towards texting or emailing families.  Amy said for scheduling visits affiliates still need to talk to the parents and she said the majority of families will call back because they requested the visit

Several affiliates said they don’t have access to text and Christina said we can discuss texting more on another call but there are online sites that are easy to use for texting

Corrine said in addition to name, phone, email and the signature she would need to know what language the parents speak.  Even if the postcards will be in English and Spanish she still needs to know if they speak English since she doesn’t have Spanish speaking staff; Brenda agreed they need to know this as well so they know if they need a translator for other languages

Jennifer said if families don’t return their calls from the referral brochure – they currently follow up with a letter by mail; Christina suggested shifting to email for this purpose since it’s faster and more cost effective although Jennifer said they run into issues with families not wanting to give out their email address; Judy agreed that older parents are less likely to give out their email address and then asked Christina what’s wrong with the brochure the way it is

Christina said the messaging has not been effective on the current brochure and needs to change.  Also – due to budget constraints she has to move from a 3 panel piece to a postcard.  She said she’ll try to keep as much info on the postcard as possible for gathering family info but this is a good opportunity to look at what’s working and what isn’t and to shift to using email and Facebook.  She said data shows more people prefer using email especially in our target market.

Jennifer said they don’t use how did you hear about us on the current brochure and Sharon agreed that’s not needed up front; Sharon asked the intent of the postcard

Christina said it’s intended to be a simple, eye-catching piece that can be used by partner agencies to engage families.  She said for now it’s a bridge piece not intended to be used to give families a lot of detail about what we do.  She said the next project she’ll work on is a larger brochure to be used in conjunction with the postcard once  there’s more money in the budget.

Sharon said the address is important for them (but said city and zip will work if there’s not enough room) and also said cobranding is really important.  She added that affiliates need options and the ability to get in touch with families by email is not enough; she said phone calls are a key part of what we do.  Christina agreed and said she’ll try to keep as much info as possible on the postcard.

Christina said she’s behind on the CBB web re-design and said the launch date will be closer to the end of April for the website.  She would like to have Marion start collecting orders by the end of March or beginning of April for postcards to be printed at the end of April or beginning of May.

Marion said they’re planning on changing the YCC form to say cell phone instead of secondary phone and add a check box that it’s ok to send texts.  Corrine said the YCC form currently has an option for “other” under community resources but there’s nowhere to record this in the database; Sharon said if changes are being made to the YCC form it might be good to look at the whole form as a group to see if any other updates need to be made.  Marion said time can be scheduled for this on the next affiliate call

CBB Program Evaluation Report

Marion asked for feedback on the final evaluation report.  Amy said there’s some great results and the data that Latino families show a stronger impact from the CBB materials was validating to hear since Maria has been saying this for a long time; Sharon asked if there was anything to account for families who are part of ongoing home visitation programs and Marion said no.  Sharon said this would be helpful to know; Ruth said she hasn’t had time to read through the report be will get back to Marion with comments once she reads it

Additional News, Questions

Ruth said as of Monday Baby Bear Hugs will be cutting 30-40% of their hours as several foundations have changed their priorities and they’re not getting the funding they expected.  She said July 1st they’ll be back to normal hours.  She said the counties have been stepping up and they got two more TANF contracts in the past 5 days – but it’s still not enough.

Lisa said they’ve trained the Pediatric Center in Programs A, B and C and they’ll be completing trainings for the entire dental center; she said they’ll also be having a meeting regarding making CBB materials available throughout all Peak Vista programs

Maria Soto with MDBB will be doing a spot on Comcast with Channel 56 and has also arranged through a local Lutheran church to have a commercial for CBB on the Spanish channel;  Christina also recently did a 4 ½ minute interview with Comcast.  It will be aired after CNN headline news; Marion said she’ll send out more details next week

Marion said CBB asked Temple Hoyne Buell to fund the affiliate conference this year since it was cut from the budget.  Unfortunately THB denied the full request for funding (because CBB still has “too much money in reserves”)

Carolyn said she recently did a training for the Buena Vista Pregnancy Center.  They would like a presentation on CBB at their statewide meeting and Carolyn said she’ll definitely get them connected with their local BB affiliates

Ruth asked if CBB is still connected on statewide Early Childhood coalitions.  She said it’s critically important to have CBB at the table as representative for the affiliates.  She said Melissa Kelly will be reconvening the Home Visitation Coalition and CBB should be part of those conversations.  Also CBB should be involved in conversations around the possible restructuring at the state level with the Dept of Human Services.  Jean said Shepard Nevel is working on getting the Lt Gov involved with CBB at the state policy level; Sharon said ECLA is looking into becoming their own statewide nonprofit which could be a good opportunity for someone from the state office to be on the board.



Unable to attend: Region 4, Region 7