6/12 Affiliate Minutes

June 21st


CBB Updates

CHF Survey Question Revisions

Marion asked if there were questions/problems with the updated YCC form or survey revisions and there were none.  Corrine said the survey questions are better

Board Books

Orders are due on the 22nd.  Marion said to call/email if there’s a problem with the deadline and reminded everyone that the C book will now be “Quick as a Cricket”

Spanish CD’s

Amy at MDBB had some extra money in her program printing budget and was able to order 1,000 CD’s for MDBB.  That means there’s enough in the CBB inventory to cover the rest of the affiliate orders for the remainder of the year.  Marion said this is good news since the affiliates who were interested in purchasing Spanish CD’s wouldn’t have been able to come up with the required 1K order.  Everyone thanked Amy/MDBB.

Delivery Bags

Marion said she hasn’t seen the board agenda but as far as she knows the delivery bags are on the agenda for discussion/approval at this afternoon’s meeting.  She’s been working with a new vendor as well as with Brenda’s husband to continue to get costs down on the bags.  The bags being considered are lighter weight than the current bag but Marion said she still feels good about the quality.  She said she’ll let everyone know as soon as she hears the board’s decision.

Welcome to Berenice Lozano (Durango) and Sonda Dalton (Grand Junction)

Marion said Berenice has replaced Jessica Keitz at the La Plata Family Center and Sonda has replaced Bobbi Kline at the Parenting Place of Western Colorado. Berenice said she is the Family Support/Latino Outreach Coordinator with LPFCC.  She said she has experience delivering CBB materials and is happy to have a chance to work more with the program.  She’s hoping to expand the Spanish visits in her region. Sonda said she’s been at the Parenting Place as the E.D. for 3 weeks. Her background is in social work (child protection/parenting classes) and she has no experience with BB but she’s impressed with the program and is excited to continue to learn more.

At this point everyone introduced themselves to the new coordinators and gave a brief summary of their host agency, number of visits, etc.

CHF Proposal

Amy Farnan said the grant proposal has been submitted for the same dollar amounts as last year.  CBB should hear back in October or November – so there shouldn’t be a gap in funding

Affiliate Profile Analysis

Marion said CBB uses the affiliate profiles to plan growth, fundraise, update the Board, etc. She said it’s interesting to see what other regions are doing in comparison to your own region in terms of visit #’s, agencies, staff, etc.

The first sheet shows the percentage of visits by insurance status (which CBB uses to determine income level). She said it’s no surprise the low income numbers keep going up.  Marion said it’s also interesting to compare percentages by region (i.e. Steamboat at 17% Medicaid vs Alamosa at 77% Medicaid)

Marion said CBB came very close to meeting overall visit number goals for 2011 (and exceeded goals for Program B and C visits).  She said the visits numbers are great considering we’re all working with limited resources and thanked everyone for their hard work.

Program         2011 Visits    2011 Goals    % of Goal

PA                   9,992              11,401            88%

PB                   4,147              3,910              106%

PC                  3,594              2,980              121%

17,733            18,291            97%


Marion noted that the question asking about the perceived value of BB shows the average has gone down from 2010 to 2011 (as well as from 2009 to 2010). She asked for feedback especially from the regions who rated the value lower in 2011.

–       Jennifer said in Fort Collins the hospital is moving to a medical focus and it’s been a challenge trying to get them to also focus on community wellness

–       Sharon said in Steamboat funders want to see more intensive programs like NFP. She said they can choose to move to partner agency/volunteer model solely or try to get more funders; Sharon asked if other affiliates are finding the same challenge. Jean said she’s finding this at the state level and will contact Sharon to discuss further


Unable to Attend:   Region 5, Region 8, Region 11