1/12 Affiliate Minutes

January 26th (9:00 – 10:00 am)


CBB Updates

Welcome to Jean McSpadden

–       Jean was not able to join the call as she had to reschedule a meeting with a Board member.  She is planning on reaching out to any affiliates who she hasn’t already spoken with by phone to introduce herself.  If you’re coming to Denver for any upcoming meetings let her know as she’d love to meet you in person.

Memorandums of Agreement

–       New MOA’s will be going out to all affiliates next week with Jean’s signature.  These will also have to be re-signed by Regional Coordinators and Host Agency Directors.

Program Material Allocations

–       If anyone has concerns or would like adjustments made to allocations let Marion know by February 1st.

–       Jean and Marcia are working on trying to find a sponsor for the program material bags.  Right now it looks like the inventory will run out at the end of the 2nd quarter/beginning of 3rd quarter.  (Also there are enough English CD’s in stock to last through the end of the 1st quarter and enough Spanish CD’s to last through the 3rd quarter).

In Kind Support Letters

–       These went out in the mail on Tuesday showing support provided to affiliates by CBB.  Let Marion know if you have questions (or if you don’t receive your letter).

Statewide Evaluation Update

–       CEPA will be providing a full report of the parent survey findings (broken down by regions and demographics) in early February

Amy – Provost Academy

MDBB is conducting a group for teen parents at Provost Academy on 2/8. Provost Academy is an on-line school and therefore will be taping the presentation and placing it on youtube. Because of its broad reach, it’s possible that you might get a call or two (or hopefully more!) from parents who would like the materials. I have told the school that just because they see the materials on the video it does not count as a visit and the parent will need to call their local BB office and request a visit from them. We will make sure the school has all of the numbers and the link to our website so the parents can get in contact with you as easily as possible. Please let Amy know if you have any questions.


 Colorado Health Foundation Calls and YCC Database Tracking

The Colorado Health Foundation (CHF) Grant is for 11/1/2001 to 10/31/2012.  CBB agreed to begin survey calls to families statewide in February through September 2012.  CEPA will analyze the data in October for the final report.


Several things are easier this grant cycle compared to last year:

1)    Will be calling families with kids turning one and two in the month you’re calling them (not 10 months and 22 months) so in February you will be calling families with children who were born February 2011 or February 2010.

2)    The database tool should make it easier to record survey data (won’t have to use a spreadsheet)

3)    List will automatically generate (no need to run multiple searches)

4)    There isn’t the same strong emphasis on re-enrolling families in Medicaid/CHP+

Although the letter sent by Kim to affiliates in December stated affiliates are required to follow up with families who reported having Medicaid, CHP+ or no health insurance at time of visit – the list that will be generated by the database will be ALL families with a child turning one or two.  Many regions are already making these Birthday calls and it’s in everyone’s best interest to call all families to invite them for the next visit.  This will ensure greater continuity and will allow us to get data that can be used to help us better evaluate our program impact.

Process to get call list:

Beginning of each month go to the home page of the YCC database and click on the 2nd tab (Currently “Children Dashboard” but will be renamed to “Survey Call List”).


Changes that CBB has asked Civicore to make to the dashboard before February calls begin:

–       Remove Affiliate

–       Remove number of visits

–       Remove 2009 and 2012 birthdates

–       Add primary language spoken at home

–       Add health insurance status

–       Possibly remove phone #?

Jennifer asked if who did the visit (partner agency or volunteer) could be added to the dashboard and Marion said she will check with Civicore

Click on the icon next to the family name to jump to the record


Click the Survey tab and click “Add a new entry”

Amy said the reading question is not the same as the YCC form – can’t compare data; Marion will have Civicore change this question to be consistent with the YCC

Maria asked if there could be a comments section added at the bottom

Brenda asked if a checkbox could be added to indicate the family has already been called and completed a survey for another child.  A discussion was had about whether the calls needed to be made for each child in a family or each family and Marion said each family.

In order to avoid toggling between screens coordinators were wondering if data could be prepopulated on the survey screen (i.e. health insurance, primary and secondary parent, phone number and child name).  Marion will check with Civicore.

Maria suggested dividing the question “Do you think your child eats enough fruits/vegetables?” into two separate questions (one for fruit and one for vegetables).

Nina asked if a field could be added saying the family would like to schedule the next visit.  Amy said in Metro Denver they’ve just been keeping a list by ID # of any family who wants a visit.  This might be easier than having to go back into the database and pull a search based on a field in the survey?

Lisa asked if other questions could be added to keep track of data for other grants (i.e. dental care questions); Marion will check to see if a small portion of the database could be customizable for different regions.

Marion will let everyone know once updates have been made by CiviCore

Unable to Attend:   Region 4