2/12 Affiliate Minutes

February 16th (9:00 – 10:00 am)


CBB Updates

Visit Numbers as of 2/15/12

A         9,708

B         4,013

C         3,495

Total   17,216

Thank you all for your hard work this past year!  It’s exciting to see Program A and B visits climbing.  Marion will be pulling “final” 2011 numbers at the end of February.  If you have any YCC’s that haven’t been entered yet for 2011 – please enter them now!


Get your MOA’s signed by your host agency directors and back to Marion if you haven’t already

Old YCC database back up files

Marion sent out a disk in the mail with back up files from the old YCC database in case you need to access data prior to 2009.  You should save the spreadsheet to a hard drive or server.

Evaluation final report

CEPA just sent the final report for the 2011 evaluation.  Marion said she and Jean haven’t had a chance to review it yet.  With a quick glance the survey sample looks really good.  46% of the parents interviewed were of Latino/Hispanic origin and 21% hadn’t finished high school.  This is much more representative of the population that we’re serving than past evaluations.  Jennifer asked when the calls were made (day of the week/time of day) since they don’t have luck reaching families in those demographics. Marion said she didn’t know but would ask Tracey.  The data definitely shows parents like the CBB materials and have learned from them.  Marion said after they review the report internally the data will be sent out to all affiliates for use locally.

YCC CHF survey

CiviCore is finished with updates to the survey tool.  Most of the changes requested on the last teleconference have been made.  Only calls marked complete or refused will disappear from the dashboard.  Calls marked disconnected, wrong number or don’t remember/use the materials don’t go off the dashboard.  Callers should know not to call these families back based on the call status (#1 or #2) on the dashboard.  Some people have asked if they can mark the call complete to get the record off the dashboard.  Marion said when it comes time to pull reports on the data – they’ll be looking for completed calls.  If these calls are marked complete it will skew the data.  Nina said she had already done this for some calls and Marion said it’s ok.  CBB is expecting some “glitches” in the February data since this is the first month of using the new database tool.

Jessica brought up that her dashboard numbers increased after CiviCore made changes.  Marion said Grand Junction experienced the same thing and didn’t have an explanation.  Kasey at CiviCore said she would expect the call list to change with the updates – but not to increase.  Marion said to keep watching and if it happens again in March to let her know a.s.a.p.  Jessica said some families who had said do not contact were still on her list.  Marion will check with Kasey again since she confirmed several times that these families have been screened out.  Nina asked if they have to go back to previous month lists to call families with January birthdates.  Marion said no, not for the CHF calls.

Referral Brochures

Pueblo and Glenwood are the two regions who are close to running out.  Marion can send more of the generic version to hold them over until April when Christina will be working on redesigning the referral piece.  The next teleconference will most likely be dedicated to this topic.

Jean McSpadden – overview plans goals for year

Jean introduced herself to everyone and said she’s enjoyed meeting the affiliates who have stopped by.  She asked if any other affiliates are in Denver in the next few months to let her know as she’d love to meet everyone.  Jean said she’s looking forward to a great year with CBB.  She said she’s aware that there were some cuts to program materials at the end of the year and said her priority in 2012 is to look for sponsors for the delivery bags and affiliate conference. Marion asked for any questions directed to Jean and there were none.

Affiliate Updates

Greeley/Brenda – problems so far this year assigning visits (a lot of volunteers out sick)

Ft Collins/Jennifer – Janet has been covering the office for Jennifer;  They’re doing 2012 planning and are working on outreach to families (will be trying harder to go where parents go instead of having parents come to them)

Yuma/Ruth –busy with the Nurse Visitation program; Due to the loss of Tony Grampsas funding they’re having financial difficulty

Colorado Springs/Lisa –host agency is restructuring and expanding; First Visitor will have their own case management piece; have a new bilingual staff person making CHF calls; will be training the entire dental center so all kids 0-3 will receive a BB visit

Pueblo/Ida – 3 new AC members; partnered with Early Head Start which serves Pueblo out of La Junta – has helped with visits out east; partnership with new agency in Custer County; still exploring options in Trinidad

Dillon/Molly – new intern focusing on BB; her project is to re-establish/strengthen relationships in Park & Lake counties; host agency is also expanding and bringing on new PAT Educators

Grand Junction/Bobbi – struggling financially with TGYS cuts; in process of strategic partnership (no longer a full merger) with Mesa Developmental Services (MDS); someone else will take over grant writing/financials & Bobbi will focus on programs; Kids through MDS are part of their early intervention program; Jean said she met with Dr. Berman and he spoke about expanding the 3 year old program to identify kids who are language delayed; Ruth said they deliver the ASQ on BBH visits and do identify language delayed kids and refer them to appropriate programs; other affiliates said they do this too

Durango/Jessica – the local hospital is finally handing out brochures!  Have staff members making survey calls; And Jessica is pregnant! J

Glenwood Springs/Corrine – not getting many answers so far making CHF calls; have a new home visitation partner called “Save the Children”; Corrine said she’ll miss the current referral brochures

Chaffee County/Carolyn –working on getting their numbers up; will be doing another training for the Pregnancy Center and Early Head Start

Unable to Attend:   Region 4, Region 11, Region 13