12/12 Affiliate Minutes

Affiliate Teleconference- 12/27/12 9:00AM

In attendance:

Jean McSpadden (BB)
Christopher Price (BB)
Melissa Theesen (BB)
Jodie Deshmukh (BB)
Jennifer Salvador (Fort Collins)
Becky Aamot (Boulder)
Ida Rhodes & Nina (Pueblo)
Lisa Schultz (Colorado Springs)
Carolyn Wagner (Chaffee)
Ruth Seedorf (Yuma)
Judy Duarte (Alamosa)
Corrine Merrit (Glenwood Springs)
Sharon Butler (Steamboat Springs)
Melode Mariner (Grand Junction)
Bernice Lozano (Durango)


 Region Updates

  • Sharon Butler
    • We have one new partner that will be starting after February and that is the Early Childhood Council (Connections 4 Kids) that serves Moffat and Rio Blanco counties.
  • Ida Rhodes & Nina
    • We received a grant from Temple Hoyne Buell for general operations for our family education programs, one of which is Bright Beginnings, so it helps fill gaps.
    •  Our agency began a Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters, which is operated with 8 AmeriCorps Staff Members.  The majority of the time is serving in HIPPY but a portion of their time is doing BB home visits, which is very helpful for our region.
  • Lisa Schultz
    • We have a signed MOU with St. Francis Medical Center. On Jan. 3rd and 16th we will be training the charge nurses and department managers in the Pediatrics, Mom/Baby and NICU departments. The charge nurses will then train all their staff (approximately 165 people). All families they see that has children within our age group will receive a visit from the appropriate nurse. By Feb. 1st, everyone in these three departments should be trained and will start doing visits. FYI, Mom/Baby delivers approx. 200 babies/month.
  • Corrine Merrit
    • Trained 3 volunteers from a new partner called Vail Valley Youth Foundation.
  • Jennifer Salvador
    • I will investigate options to provide on-sight BB visits to new moms at the hospital or Wee Step follow-up.  BB staff would provide the visits if able to get approval.  I will set-up meeting with the nursing director this quarter to discuss ideas and options for direct hospital outreach.
    • Successful outreach in 2012:  park and library story time visits provided. BB staff went to these sights where families were already gathering and offered visits.  Over a 100 visits added due to this outreach.
    •  We did receive Temple Hoyne Buell grant for 2012/13.
    •  Visits up from 2011 by 9%.
  • Becky Aamot
    • Partner agency received a CBCAP Grant that covers a part-time Spanish speaking assistant for me. My goal is to have her doing much more outreach to agencies and communities that are predominately Spanish speaking.
  • Ruth Seedorf
    • Baby Bear Hugs has been working on becoming a Nurse Family Partnership site, and will be writing the application for funding in January
  • Melode Mariner
    • 1 staff member   32 hours/wk   Program Coordinator
    • 3 part time facilitators  4 hrs/wk Infant/Early Toddler Years Family Support Groups
    • 3 volunteers Parenting That Works Parent Education Program
    • 1 intern CMU Psychology Dept 9 hrs/wk through May 15th
    • 3 BB volunteers (still getting them ready.  Illness has flattened everyone’s enthusiasm)
    • Approaching church council for volunteers at each church
  • Carolyn Wagner
    • Trained 3 new partner agencies in last few weeks
  • Berenice Lozano
    • Working on re-establishing lost partnerships, such as Bright Futures in Telluride.
    • Working on expanding Bright Beginnings
  • Christopher Price
    • Walton grant update
      • Portion to go to upgrading CiviCore
      • The focus of the grant is on Denver and we will share what we learn.
      • We are looking at increasing continuity rates

General Discussion

  • Introduction to Jodie Deshmukh our new Director of Development
    • Jodie will share pass through funding news when she calls the affiliates in January
  • Issues with Civicore bringing up 2009 DOB survey calls
    • Civicore glitch?
    • Christopher is trying to resolve
  • CO Health Foundation (unduplicated visits)
    • Their definition of visit  is the number of adults present at any given time
  • Face-to-Face Meetings
    • Scheduling  for March, July, and after Gala
    • Would like to have one of the meetings at Nancy Accetta’s Cabin
  • Try to Get 2012 data entered by Feb 2013 Board meeting
  • Working with Bonnie Camp to involve her and her knowledge
    • Ruth encouraged BB to call the affiliates with early childhood research