8/12 Affiliate Minutes

August 16th (9:00 – 10:00 am)

CBB Updates

Marion said the statewide delivery bags and the board books have been ordered. She’ll let everyone know the estimated delivery timeframe for the books once she hears from All About Books. She also welcomed Kerri Bowen who has replaced Molly Hines at the Family & Intercultural Resource Center in Dillon. And said Happy 40th to Becky Aamot!

Jean said she’s completed site visits with the majority of affiliates but is still hoping to get to the western slope in September. If any of the affiliates she hasn’t met with are coming to Denver in the next few weeks please let Jean know as she’d love to meet each of you in person.

Christopher Price introduced himself as the new Chief Operating Officer for CBB. He said his primary goal is to make sure the needs of the affiliates are being met. He’ll be reviewing materials, service, ordering, volunteers, etc. to make sure everything’s working and to make improvements in areas that aren’t working well. He said he’ll be making personal calls to all affiliates soon.

Jean said Christopher has amazing ideas and she’s looking forward to him sharing them with the state. The plan is still to get affiliates together for a meeting in Denver in October. For those of you who can’t join in person you can connect with Skype. Stay tuned for more info. She said Christopher will be working to systematize and streamline the phone calls and the surveys. He’s also planning on enhancing communication with affiliates with daily or biweekly contact.

Melissa Theesen introduced herself as the Manager of Volunteer Services for the state. She said she’ll also be calling affiliates to talk more about volunteer programs. She said she ran a volunteer program at a refugee resettlement agency in Denver and was most recently working in Tanzania, Africa. She’s working on starting a Task Force to bring together some key volunteers in Denver. She‘s also wanting to implement a train-the-trainer model where volunteers can train other local volunteers in their area.

Melissa asked for feedback on how affiliates recruit and train new volunteers and challenges

–       Corrine said for her a big problem is recruiting bilingual volunteers; This has been an ongoing challenge and they’ve tried several different things that haven’t been successful

–       Maria agreed it’s also been a challenge in Metro Denver for many reasons but most recently because of the immigration enforcement and people being afraid. Transportation is also an issue in the Spanish speaking community. She suggested trying to recruit bilingual volunteers from local colleges/universities

–       Nina said in Pueblo they don’t have a true volunteer program. In the past they’ve paid volunteers for their mileage to drive to visits which worked but they’ve since lost the funding to be able to do this. They have visitors through the AmeriCorps program at Pueblo Community College as well as interns. Nina said they have not been successful recruiting bilingual volunteers – even when they were able to pay mileage

–       Jennifer said they have a core set of volunteers who have volunteered for years but volunteers have not been a big focus; most of their visits are through groups and events. Staff run groups and there hasn’t been a big push to expand since this is time intensive. She said they currently have 14 consistent volunteers. As they’re volunteers through the hospital they get a lot of perks which encourages retention

–       Judy said she doesn’t have a big volunteer pool. She has 2 or 3 retired teachers and otherwise she uses partner agencies to deliver visits; some of her volunteers do group events if they’re at the schools. She said she’ll sometimes take her volunteers to lunch or buy them Starbucks for appreciation.


Jennifer asked if affiliates will be able to attend the Good Night Moon gala and if volunteers are needed. Jean said the save the date card was sent out just to get people interested – but more information will be sent out soon. The ticket price will be $150 and affiliates will get one complimentary ticket. She said the event was moved from a luncheon to a gala in the hopes of raising more money.

Jennifer asked if the meeting in October will be the one that Dr. Berman will be presenting at. Jean said yes and she’ll be meeting with Dr. Berman and Dr. Kincannon at the end of the month to work out details. She said they were originally thinking September but Ruth Seedorf will be out of town for her Anniversary and they would like her to be at this event.

Jean said CBB had a site visit with the Colorado Health Foundation yesterday and it went great. Monica (the program officer) observed a group visit at the Children’s Museum. She said she has to follow up with answers to some of Monica’s questions but overall it went really well.  CBB will find out in October if we’ll be receiving the grant and the funds should come for disbursement probably in November.

Jennifer asked if affiliates should still be continuing with the survey calls and Jean said yes. They’re important not just for CHF but for showing our effectiveness of programming and talking to key donors/stakeholders. Christopher said he’ll be looking into ways to streamline the calls.

Jean said CBB will be launching the new website in the next few weeks


Unable to Attend:   Region 2, Region 4, Region 5, Region 6, Region 9, Region 10