4/12 Affiliate Minutes

April 19th


CBB Updates

CHF Survey Questions

Jean, Amy and Marion met to look over the CHF Survey questions.  Based on affiliate feedback that Question #8B (“Has the BB info encouraged you to do these activities?”)  is awkward/parents have trouble answering it – we’ll be deleting this question.

We’re currently getting feedback on the healthy living questions from individuals in the community with evaluation experience (Colorado Children’s Campaign, Steve Berman, Liz Kincannon, Bonnie Camp, CHF, THB, Livewell).  By early May will be some revisions to the survey which will hopefully make the calls easier and make the questions more meaningful.

Ruth confirmed that the CHF calls were to begin in February and not January

All About Books Board Book Re-Order

Marion has been speaking with Debra at All About Books. They’re able to offer the same three titles for the same price as last year; Marion will be sending an email within the next week or so to find out when everyone needs to re-order.

Debra is asking if affiliates want to look at other titles.  She sent some sample books that are bilingual and could be used to replace the current program books.  Marion and the Metro Denver staff looked at them and there are only a few that could potentially work for CBB.  (The majority of books they sent are very similar to the current CBB picture books and would be duplicative for Programs B and C).

Marion said she’ll send information about the potential replacement books for feedback.  If there are other titles (or other vendors) you’re interested in CBB looking into – please let her know.

Jennifer said they still have some money from the Daniels Fund grant that they need to expend before June 6th and asked if some of that money could be used to purchase books.  Marion said probably not as the order won’t be made until early June based on timing from last year.  Corrine said she’s running low on books and definitely won’t make it until the end of the year with her current supply.

CBB Website/Referral Postcard Update

The new website is slightly behind schedule.  Jean said the revised plan is for a launch date at the end of May or beginning of June; the website designer is working on the affiliate referral cards as well.  Marion said she doesn’t have a specific date from Christina – but is thinking the cards will be completed around the same timeframe (late May/early June).  If anyone is out of referral brochures let Marion know since she still has a box in stock.

Program Evaluation

Dr. Steve Berman will be doing a presentation on the CEPA study at the board meeting; Marion will send on any slides or talking points from this presentation to affiliates

Program Delivery Bags

CBB has been turned down by several funders for the delivery bags (Wells Fargo, First Bank, US Bank and Temple Hoyne Buell).  The bags are on the agenda for the Board meeting and Marion said her hope is that the Board will see the value of having the current, high quality bags and will approve a budget revision to purchase them.  However, Jean would like to look into all options and feels having a plastic bag – although not ideal – would be better than not having a bag at all.  Marion asked for feedback on the plastic bags.

Maria Soto said plastic is not a good option.  CBB used them in the past and they get ripped and books get lost.  She also said the bags have brought CBB to a different level of recognition.  Sharon agreed saying the quality of the bags needs to match the high quality of the materials.  Ruth asked the reason for being turned down by funders.  Jean said 1st Bank is only funding at the same level as last year ($1K), THB would only consider a grant for a special project and won’t fund organizations with more than 3 or 4 months of operating funds in the bank.  Marion added that Susan Steele said the CBB Board needs to step up to approve the bag purchase out of reserves if they feel it’s a real value.

Ruth asked if there was anything that could be done to help convince the CBB Board that the program bags are a huge value and should be part of the budget.  Marion said at this point she’s collecting costs of different types of bags from several vendors and Jean said she’d love to get affiliate input that can be passed on to the Board.  If affiliates know of any other sponsors that CBB can approach to ask for a co-branding partnership let Jean know.

Affiliate Site Visits/Conference

Marion said she sent an email asking for feedback on preference for a regional site visit or a ½ day conference.  She’s still waiting on a few more responses but the feedback so far is leaning towards the site visits.  The comments that were made say the site visit still allows for networking time (although not with the entire group) and more one on one time plus time to get to know Jean.

Ruth said she has a concern about not being able to interface with the Board and asked if there would be another opportunity to do so.  Jean said the Board discussions are always from a statewide perspective and the board is proud of the outreach CBB has around the state.  She said Steve Berman is giving a presentation on the CEPA study to the board which involves the entire state.  The Board definitely recognizes the importance of a statewide presence.  Ruth said affiliates are the ones delivering the program and expressed concern that the Board doesn’t seem to be as involved or connected to what’s happening statewide; Maria suggested having a teleconference with the board as well as affiliates to allow for an opportunity to express concerns or ask questions.

CBB Golf Tournament – June 4, 2012

Let Marion know if you’re able to join to volunteer or if you know any potential sponsors or players.

New Development Director

Jean announced that she has recently hired Amy Farnan as the new Development Director for CBB.  Amy is currently at the I Have a Dream Foundation and worked previously for Kent Denver and DU.


YCC Form Review

Jennifer asked if we need to keep asking “Do you consider yourself to be of Hispanic/Latino origin followed by the Race question” in the same way?  Marion said this question was copied from the census so the preference is to keep the question in the same format

Judy asked why the form says Parent/Guardian instead of mother/father.  Amy/Marion said this was done to be more family centered/inclusive of foster parents, grandparents, same sex couples, etc.

Marion said Lisa emailed asking about the parent/guardian language spoken at home.  Everyone agreed to leave English, Spanish, English & Spanish, and then Other and delete “other language”

Several people said to get rid of “Has your family received a BB visit before” – although Corrine said this is useful for her to make sure she’s not duplicating data

Sharon asked if anyone else needs birth weight and the consensus was no

Marion said Lisa also asked to eliminate primary language spoken at home and may BB contact you in the future for the second parent/guardian.  Amy said if the primary contact isn’t available – they would use the secondary contact and would need to know language and if they’re willing to be contacted.  But everyone agreed they don’t typically use data for the second parent.  A suggestion was made to delete the 2nd email address.

Marion said CBB is not currently doing anything with the data collected for “How many days each week do you read with your child?” and asked what affiliates thought about leaving it in.  Several people said they don’t ask it for newborns and Sharon said it’s more visit specific (for B and C only) but it might be a good talking point for funders.  Judy said it’s a good conversation piece for families but said she doesn’t like where it’s placed on the form.  Several people agreed that it should be moved to the front (maybe in place of has your family received a BB visit before)

Marion said CBB would like to add in a line under the phone number (cell phone) that says may CBB text message you about child development facts and upcoming events?  Sharon suggested looking at childcare intake forms to see how they ask the question (something about what is the best way to contact you?  text, email, phone call)

Judy asked if marital status is needed for the 2nd parent.  Sharon said there are families co-parenting who are married to someone else – but it’s not often.  The majority of feedback was that affiliates are only pulling data on the primary parent and not the secondary.  Marion said she thinks Ida and possibly Lisa use some of this data but she’ll find out for sure.  Marion will work on revisions to the form and with CiviCore and will get an updated YCC form out soon.

 Additional News, Questions

Marion thanked everyone for their hard work completing the affiliate profiles as well as the nice notes for her 10th Anniversary.

Bobbi Kline is staying on for a few extra weeks since her Board just posted her job.  Her last day will be May 11th.

Jessica Keitz will be resigning her Coordinator position in Durango as she’s having a baby in June.  Marion thanked her for her hard work and dedication to the program over the past 2 years.


Unable to Attend: Region 4, Region 6, Region 7, Region 8