1/13 Affiliate Minutes

Affiliate Teleconference- 01/24/13  9:00AM

In attendance:

  • Rachel Van Schooneveld (CBB)
  • Jodie Deshmukh (CBB)
  • Ida Rhodes (Pueblo)
  • Nina Casteel (Pueblo)
  • Lisa Schulz (Colorado Springs)
  • Sharon Butler (Steamboat Springs)
  • Jennifer Salvador (Fort Collins)
  • Corrine Merrit (Glenwood Springs)
  • Ruth Seedorf (Yuma)
  • Judy Duarte (Alamosa)



Affiliate Updates

  • Ida Rhodes
    • Getting volunteers from CWEP (Colorado Work Experience Program).  New territory they are exploring.
    • Asked about the Funding from Colorado Health Foundation- when will it be distributed?
      • Within two weeks.  Bright Beginnings has just received the check from CHF and will be issuing the checks once the letters are written and checks signed by Shepard Nevel.
  • Lisa Schulz
    • Has been out of the country for a couple of weeks.
    • Did training for St. Francis Medical Center January 3rd and 16th and will be doing one more for the pediatric nurses on February 5th and then will start distributing the program!
      • Everything is going well and both sides are excited to make it work, her only concern is the follow-ups…hope is that it will not be an issue.
      • Sharon Butler
        • Working with Connections 4 Kids which is the early childhood council in Moffat and Rio Blanco Counties on procedures and trainings.  Got stalled around the holidays but should be launched in the next few months.
          • Not sure how to handle Rio Blanco County since that is not in her region… Will need to discuss with Christopher and Jean.
  • Judy Duarte
    • Trying to get in with the WIC office…slow process, hoping to hear something positive in the next couple of months.
  • Jennifer Salvador
    • Gathering data from reports from 2012.
      • Grew last year!
      • Staff did over 800 visits
  • Corrine Merrit
    • Still working out kinks with partner Vail Valley Foundation.
  • Ruth Seedorf
    • New administrative assistant, Deanna Smith.
    • Working on nurse family partnership grant

General Topics

  • According to forum feedback, we will ask Frank to label Spanish cases and no longer wrap individual Spanish kits.
  • We have taken quite a few orders on the new order form. We have made a few tweaks to the form, and the processes are working well.
    • Suggested that there be an email confirmation that the order has gone through.
  • Christopher met with CiviCore this week and plans to upgrade the online tool are under way. He’ll be seeking specific feedback for interface and report improvements in the forum.
  • Christopher will distribute final 2012 numbers and insights on the forum.
  • Watch for many improvements to BrightBeginningsUSA.org soon including the introduction of a Blog.
  • We hired Angelica Fox full-time to develop and expand agency relationships and explore further program distribution options in Denver.  A formal announcement will come later this week.
  • Prospect research tool
    • Subscription membership can be made up of one of more users…the more users the lower the cost per user.
    • FDO is bigger and we can set up a trial to see if we like it first.
    • If an affiliate would like to be a user they would pay for their own user membership
    • Please let Jodie know if you are interested in being a user and she will get that set up for those interested.
  • By our next meeting in February we should have the dates of the quarterly meetings.
  • Meetings will now be the 4th Thursday of the month.
  • Christopher will be going over the yearly Affiliate profile reports and get them out to everyone.
  • Jennifer mentioned that a mother suggested that we utilize an online survey like survey monkey instead of doing the phone calls surveys
    • It is also suggested that the survey is way too long.