Week 1

Game 1 – Building Trust

Communicate love through calm, warm body contact, and soothing words. Responding to your baby in a loving way teaches her that she can trust you.

Why this is important

Your baby learns to love and trust from your loving words and actions. Responding to her in a positive way lets her know that she can trust you with her needs and feelings. When you hold her close while you feed her, the warmth of your body and the gentle sound of your voice help build her trust in you. When you respond to your baby’s cries you are teaching her about communication. She is learning that her sounds cause something to happen that makes her feel comfortable again. Your baby’s trust in one or two important people will give her the confidence and security she needs later to explore her world and build relationships with others.

What you do

  • Go quickly to your baby when she expresses discomfort. This shows her that you care.
  • Hold her close to you. Because she cannot yet understand your words, it is important to convey love with body language, facial expressions, and soothing sounds.
  • Give her your full attention when taking care of her needs such as diapering, feeding, and bathing.
  • Smile, cuddle, rock, and talk to her.
  • Notice how your baby responds to you with sounds or movement. Let her know you understand she is communicating with you. Oh, my sweet baby. I feel you snuggling into me. You are very sleepy.