Dr. Steve Berman’s 2012 Bright Beginnings Evaluation Presentation


Bright Beginnings 2012 eval — Presentation Transcript

  1. Colorado Bright Beginnings 2012 Program Evaluation April 2012 board meeting
  2. Program EvaluationParents understand age‐specific child developmentand healthy behaviors for their child Parents engage in activities that promote health and age appropriate development Parents know how to get support and assistance for their child, including understanding the characteristics of quality child care Parents who receive Programs A, B, and C exhibit more positive outcomes than parents who receive fewer visits.
  3. Sampling Frame Factors• Giving parents the time to implement what they learned, seek resources and/or follow up on referrals• Reaching parents when they can clearly recall what happened during their home visit• Producing a sample size sufficient to complete 400 telephone interviews.
  4. Representative Sample• Programs provided by regional affiliates• Type of visit (A,B,C)• Number of visits per family.
  5. Questions• Are we reaching the right families?• Are the materials appropriate for mothers with less than a high school education?
  6. Do parents understand age‐specific child development and healthy behaviors for their child?• Parents rate information on playing games, reading, and need for talking most useful.• Latino parents found the information more useful than non Latino parents• All the materials were rated very highly
  7. Parents engage in activities that promote health and age appropriate development• About 25% of parents still do not engage in these activities frequently enough• Latino parents are less likely than non Latino parents to engage in these activities• Parents in Colorado Springs are less likely to engage in these activities. Why?• Parents are more likely to engage in these activities if they are visited more than once.