Bright by Text Messaging System Up and Running

BB3 Quote 2Bright by Text is Bright by Three’s new text-messaging system that sends weekly texts based on the Learning Games curriculum to parents and caregivers of children aged 0-3.

Families can now text “BRIGHT” to 444999 to sign up for weekly messages.

Since 90% of BB3’s enrolled participants have phones capable of accessing the internet, Bright by Text stands to significantly increase the frequency, reach, and impact of our parent engagement.

In fact, a new study shows that children whose parents who received text messages with tips related to reading to their children and helping them learn performed better on literacy tests than parents who did not receive the messages.

If you prefer a summary of the academic study, check out this New York Times article.

Bright by Text launched in November with some key support from our friends at KUVO radio and Rocky Mountain PBS. Local TV personalities, musicians and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock recorded radio spots encouraging parents to text “BRIGHT” to 444999. These spots will run throughout December on KUVO jazz radio.

The inaugural Bright by Text message campaign includes 100 English-language messages with landing pages drawing on the Learning Games. In the coming months, BB3 will roll out new scripts for the text messages, including campaigns in Spanish. Further development of the BrightByText system – both the messages and the technological functionality – will be a key project in 2015.

Once parents send the initial keyword text (“BRIGHT” to 444999), they are prompted to enter the age of their child in months. This enables BB3 to send targeted, age-appropriate text messages with parenting tips, learning games and other resources to promote healthy development. In 2015, BB3 hopes to create 100 short modeling videos that will be added to landing pages to reinforce the message.

Two key challenges BB3 has faced over its history is how to get more people enroll and how to keep them enrolled and engaged for the full three years. Bright by Text system potentially addresses both of these challenges by giving us direct access to parents and the ability to engage with them consistently over time.

Help us spread the word! Make sure families know they can text “BRIGHT” to 444999 to get weekly parenting tips and learning games delivered right to their phone.