Bright by Three Presenting at RMECC: Using Technology to Improve Caregiver-Child Engagement in Early Childhood

RMECC for Bright Bulletin

Bright by Three is presenting at the annual Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference Friday, April 17, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

Christopher Price, Vice President & COO, and Tresne Hernandez, Director of Program & Evaluations, will discuss how Bright by Three has used technology to improve caregiver-child engagement in early childhood, focusing on our Bright by Text and Colorado Talks Back programs.

Since Bright by Three was founded as Bright Beginnings in 1995, three things stand out:

  1. People increasingly choose to communicate via technology
  2. Research has further confirmed the critical importance of the first three years of life
  3. The essential role of parents and caregivers in a child’s development impacts language acquisition and overall health, which can lead to gaps in school readiness

While Bright by Three will continue to offer our traditional visitation program, we have evolved to serve even more families and improve outcomes for children. Bright by Three has integrated a new texting platform and LENA (“word pedometer”) technology into our program offerings.

The in-person home and group visits and the hands-on support for families provided by our volunteers and partners is critical. We know technology can greatly enhance our efforts to reach parents and caregivers of very young children.

Nearly 90% of adults have a cell phone, and 98% of cell-phone users can access text messages. And text messages are opened 95% of the time. That means by sending tips that are timely and targeted to a child’s age, as well as the caregiver’s needs and profile, Bright by Three can greatly increase exposure to our positive parenting messages. Particularly for harder-to-reach populations, text messaging holds promise.

To learn more, join us for Bright by Three’s presentation on Friday, April 17 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m at the Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference or contact Tresne Hernandez at