Bright by Three kits have changed!

Bags Bright Bulletin 6.2015You probably noticed some changes in the Bright by Three kits. They may look a bit different, but all the same great content is in there!

Here’s a summary of what has changed:

  • New bags: The kits now come in clear plastic bags. These bags are more cost-effective, which helps us distribute more kits to more families across Colorado.
  • Rebranded materials: All of the books and materials have the same great content, but have been redesigned to reflect our new Bright by Three brand. The books have our new brand colors, fonts, and graphics, as well as our new logo.
  • Bright by Text postcards: All new kits now have a promotional Bright by Text postcard included, which shows parents how to sign up (text “BRIGHT” to 444999 or “BRILLANTE” for Spanish messages).
  • New edition of Language Power: Over the last few months, Dr. Bonnie Camp (author of Language Power) has been working on an updated edition of the Language Power book. The content will be very similar, but reorganized in a way that is easier for parents to understand.

The kits continue to include an enrollment form. Please ensure an enrollment form is completed for each kit given to a family. If you are need of additional enrollment forms, the English and Spanish versions can be found on our Partner Resources page.

Return forms to Bright by Three one of three ways:

Fax: 303-302-1691
Mail: 3605 Martin Luther King Blvd Denver, CO 80205

As always, we greatly appreciate your feedback on our kits! We want to ensure we are meeting the needs of the families in your communities. If you have comments or questions, contact Jennifer Cajina Grigsby at