Bright by Text Launches in Spanish, Additional Campaigns

Spanish Launch for Bright BulletinBright by Text, Bright by Three’s educational text-messaging service, is now available in Spanish!

Bright by Text sends text messages with learning games, parenting tips and local resources that are targeted to the age and developmental stage of a child under 36 months. By texting the keyword “BRILLANTE” to 444999, parents and caregivers can sign up the messages in Spanish. (English speakers still text “BRIGHT” to 444999.)

Bright by Text launched in late 2014 with a campaign of 100 learning games messages delivered over 36 months. This month, Bright by Three is adding an additional campaign of messages in English — Health, Safety and Wellness. This will bring the total number of messages in the system to 240 (6-7 messages per month over 36 months). The Health, Safety and Wellness campaign and will be available in Spanish by the summer.

The Health, Safety and Wellness messaging campaign is adapted primarily from Bright by Three’s Parent Handbooks, which are included with each of our kits. It also includes 36 oral health tips, created in partnership with the Delta Dental Foundation of Colorado.

Bright by Three aims to work with our partners across the state to develop additional campaigns, bring in expert content, and localize messages for Bright by Text users based on where they live and the programs offered in their community. So stay tuned!

Tell your families that they can sign up for this free service by texting “BRIGHT” to 444999 for English-language texts or “BRILLANTE” to 444999 for Spanish-language texts.

If you are interested in learning more about Bright by Text or working as a volunteer to support this new program, contact us! E-mail Katharine Brenton at or call 303-433-6200 ext. 104.

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