Bright by Text Adds More Parenting Content

Bags Bright Bulletin 6.2015

Bright by Three has added more great content to the Bright by Text system, which now includes 266 text messages delivered over 36 months. That means Bright by Text users receive about two texts per week.

Bright by Text is a tips-by-text program for parents and caregivers of children aged 0-36 months based on Bright by Three’s research-based parenting content.

All the books from our kits are being adapted to text-message format except for the picture and story books. The format of Bright by Text messages includes a 133-character text message and a corresponding landing page with more information.

Here’s an update on the Bright by Text content:

  • Learning Games: 100 messages over 0-36 months
  • Parent Handbook (health, safety and development): 98 messages over 0-36 months
  • Positive Parenting: 28 messages over 24-36 months
  • Early Oral Health: 40 messages over 0-36 months
bbtext screenshot 6

Bright by Text Message

Bright by Text contains a total of 266 messages delivered over the first 36 months of a child’s life.

By September, we will complete the conversion of the Language Power book to text message format, adding another 30 messages to the system, delivered during 12-24 months.

Bright by Text is not meant to replace the kits and the visitation program. On the contrary, the ideal is for parents and caregivers to receive the traditional program and Bright by Text messages. This increases the “dosage” of our program information and gives caregivers repeated exposure to our positive parenting messages.

Bright by Three has created many colorful marketing materials to help our partners and volunteers educate parents and caregivers about Bright by Text. Click here for more information.

Questions about Bright by Text? Contact Jennifer at or 303-433-6200 ext. 105.