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New Volunteer Opportunity

Call Center Bright Bulletin 6.2015Bright by Three is looking for volunteers to help with data entry and make calls to families! These essential volunteers help us understand the impact of our programs on children and families in Colorado.

We have two opportunities available for people interested in gaining administrative and call center experience while furthering Bright by Three’s mission.

  • Data Processing Specialists enter information into our database from enrollment forms to allow us to capture information about the families in our program.
  • Customer Service Representatives make calls to program participants to update their information, schedule visits, and invite them to receive the next part of the program.

Bright by Three offers multiple certifications for volunteers, including data entry, filing and typing, customer service, and call center (entry and senior level). Additionally, we provide ongoing training opportunities, resume writing support, and performance evaluation metrics.

Bright by Three offers a supportive environment for volunteers with flexible scheduling and hours.

Volunteers will learn skills in the following areas:

● Computer skills
● Salesforce customer relationship management software
● CallFire cloud telephone software

Customer service:
● Phone calling etiquette
● Surveying
● Conflict resolution and problem solving

Call center:
● Outbound calls and follow­-up calls
● Simultaneous surveying and data entry
● Service recovery

● Data entry
● Filing and organization
● Typing

Volunteering at Bright by Three is a great opportunity for individuals currently enrolled in a workforce program or interested in starting a customer service and/or administrative career. If you know of great candidates or a great organization for us to work with to fill our call center, please contact Jennifer Cajina Grigsby at

Bright by Text FAQ

FAQ Bright Bulletin 6.2015






What is Bright by Text?
It’s a tips-by-text program for parents and caregivers of children aged 0-36 months.

  • Users receive 1-2 messages per week.
  • Messages are timed to a child’s age and developmental stage.
  • Each message links to a mobile-optimized “landing page” with more information
  • Short modeling videos will be added to the Learning Games campaign

How do families sign up?
It’s free and easy to sign up. Just text the keyword “BRIGHT” to 274448. Or text “BRILLANTE” to 274448 for Spanish-language messages. (Standard text and data fees may apply.)

Where does the content come from?
Bright by Text content is adapted from Bright by Three’s own program information, which we continue to distribute across Colorado in our kits.

What kinds of messages are in the Bright by Text system?
Bright by Three is converting all of our program materials into text-message format: 133-character messages with a corresponding landing page each.

Here is an update on where we are now:

Learning Games
This campaign is complete and was the first to be added to Bright by Text. Just like the books, there are 100 Learning Games text messages in the system. Soon we will add modeling videos to each of the Learning Games landing pages.

Parent Handbooks
This campaign is complete and includes 138 messages delivered over 36 months. We are calling this campaign Health, Safety & Development. Most of the messages in this campaign were adapted directly from our hard-copy materials. 40 of the messages are related to early childhood oral health (these messages are from a partnership with Delta Dental Foundation).

Language Power
We are working on adapting this book to text/landing page format and should be done by the end of July. These are messages for parents/caregivers of children aged 12-24 months.

Power of Positive Parenting
This book, for parents/caregivers of children aged 24-36 months, is nearly adapted for text format and will be added to the system by the end of July.

As of today, there are a total of 238 messages in the Bright by Text system:

  • 100 Learning Games
  • 98 Health, Safety & Development (from parent handbook)
  • 40 Early Oral Health

Are all the messages translated into Spanish?
Not yet. The 100 Learning Games messages are translated, but we are working on catching up with the translation of the other campaigns. We hope to be caught up by the end of August. That means English-speakers get between 1 and 2 messages per week, and Spanish-speakers see between 2 and 3 per month.

What are the future plans for Bright by Text?
Our plan is to open up the platform to partner organizations so that you can share your local information via text message with the families that you serve. If you have local information you want to share with text users in your community, please contact us.

How is Bright by Text being promoted?
As of today, all new kits you order will include a Bright by Text promotional postcard. We are also working to email invitations to parents and caregivers currently enrolled in our program. We also need your help! If you would like tools to promote Bright by Text at your agency please contact us. We can provide posters, postcards, press releases, e-newsletter text, social media graphics — whatever you need.

Questions? Suggestions? Concerns? Please contact Kiersten Souerbry at or 303-433-6200 x13