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Parent Handbook, p. 45-51. Remember the "Five Ss:" Swaddle, Side/Stomach Position, Shush, Swing, Suck. Keep trying, don't give up!
Parent Handbook, p. 54-61.
Parent Handbook, p. 92-93. Research shows that language and learning to read are linked right from the start. Reading out loud offers many benefits!
Parent Handbook, p. 91. Young children learn about language by interacting with people and objects in ways that are enjoyable. Even though they don't understand the words, the support and approval is conveyed.
Parent Handbook, p. 100-101. Music provides a way to help your baby's emotional and language development, as well as physical skills, in a non-pressured, enjoyable way.
Parent Handbook, p. 91. Simple conversation and talking helps language development. The more words you use, the more she knows, the more likely she will be ready for school. Talk about everything you do and see together in your day.
Parent Handbook, p. 65-68. Newborns sleep from 12-20 hours in a 24-hour period, but it may only be one or two hours at a time.
Parent Handbook, p. 94-96. These are typical developmental milestones between 2-4 months.
Parent Handbook, p. 97-99. Typical milestones of play from birth to 3 months.
Parent Handbook, p. 15-18. Helpline: 800-944-4773,

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